Deadpanjack is a fictitious character created by the real Johnathon “Jack” Martin. Do not believe anything posted on this blog. I repeat. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING POSTED ON THIS BLOG. IT IS NOT REAL. NOT. REAL.

Deadpanjack is a collaborative project. If you would like to contribute to the blog just shoot an e-mail to deadpanjackm@gmail.com.

One easy way you can contribute is by submitting a Quote of the Day. You can submit a Quote of the Day by using the hashtaq #deadpanjackQOTD on Twitter or Tumblr or by sending an e-mail with the subject QOTD.

Remember, the more weird/bizarre/depressing/morbid the Quote of the Day, the better.

*believing anything written or posted on this blog may result in insanity, instantaneous death, or the suicide of thousands and thousands and thousands of birds. DO NOT BELIEVE!
**remember if you would like to contribute to the blog or if you have any questions, just e-mail me at deadpanjackm@gmail.com
***deadpanjack is also on Twitter

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