Their hands had eyes. Big, black, and dripping. Dripping with ink. Fresh. Ink.

I walked into the local bookstore to buy a copy of Alexandra Bracken’s new book, Never Fade.

First, I noticed that the bookstore was packed. Way more populous than usual. Then, that everyone in the store was still.

Like time had frozen; It had not. Everyone’s attention was glued to their books.

At first I thought: wow! This is great everyone is reading.

Then I realized that everyone was reading the same old, brown, leather-bound, book. With a language on the cover that I did not know. That language. Unknowable.

Everyone’s hands began dripping. This black liquid staining the floor. Ink. Fresh. Ink.

Like any rational human being, I did not panic. I did not panick even when the chanting through the intercom started. I did not panic because, as everyone knows, death is just a myth. A clever fib created by our clever ancestors to scare us. To trick us into spending our time wisely. To scare us into making the right decisions. Our very wise ancestors who had our best interests in mind. you will be missed.

Let us all take a moment to remember our ansestors; whose enchantments and sacrifices to the Great Orb couldn’t save them from the unknowable forces that swept them away from us.

After I reminded myself that death was just a myth, I found a copy of Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken and took it to the check out station. There was one cashier there who had just clocked in. He wasn’t reading the big, brown, leather-bound book. The book with that language, the unknowable language, on the brown and leather cover. He also didn’t have the large black eye on his palm that everyone else had. The throbbing black eye which poured black ink on to the floor. So I decided to check out with him instead of bothering the other cashiers.

When I’d purchased my book he groaned a farewell and picked up a copy of the old, brown, leather-bound book. He then opened the book and a long and black, slimy worm jumped into his mouth, and a big, black eye appeared on his palm.

I left that little bookstore in awe. I couldn’t believe I’d finally gotten my hands on Alexadra Bracken’s new book Never Fade, and I can’t wait to read it.

Today’s Quote of the Day is:

“Look up a the sky. Don’t worry about a thing. Oh, that screaming? It’s nothing. No one is being violently murdered. People with murderous apetites don’t exist silly. Shhh.” – Randy Ortiz

Thanks for reading.


An Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post


Hello Wrimos!

If you’re reading this then you’re probably attempting to write a novel of about fifty-thousand words this month. If you you’re not planning on participating then I urge you to reconsider. Reconsider and write like you’re life depends on it, because it does. NaNoHQ announced on Twitter today that failure to complete writing at least fifty-thousand words this month will definately result in a very painful and immediate death.

It is also speculated that if you didn’t start writing immediately when you woke up this morning, then you may already be dead. The speculation stems from this ominous tweet sent out by Texas native Vera Grey:

Vera Grey


NaNoHQ has also been abducting people and forcing them to write, I don’t know how they are going about selecting people to abduct, but this tweet from April Daniels suggests that they are definately doing it:

April Daniels

“I woke up in a white room with no idea how I’d gotten there. The walls seemed to glow like a blank word prosessor page.”

So everyone, write! WRITE OR ELSE! NaNoHQ may be sicking their, viking helmet adorned, 8-bit creatures to impale you right now.

NaNoWriMo: Write, because your life depends on it.