An Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post


Hello Wrimos!

If you’re reading this then you’re probably attempting to write a novel of about fifty-thousand words this month. If you you’re not planning on participating then I urge you to reconsider. Reconsider and write like you’re life depends on it, because it does. NaNoHQ announced on Twitter today that failure to complete writing at least fifty-thousand words this month¬†will definately result in a very painful and immediate death.

It is also speculated that if you didn’t start writing immediately when you woke up this morning, then you may already be dead. The speculation stems from this ominous tweet sent out by Texas native Vera Grey:

Vera Grey


NaNoHQ has also been abducting people and forcing them to write, I don’t know how they are going about selecting people to abduct, but this tweet from April Daniels suggests that they are definately doing it:

April Daniels

“I woke up in a white room with no idea how I’d gotten there. The walls seemed to glow like a blank word prosessor page.”

So everyone, write! WRITE OR ELSE! NaNoHQ may be sicking their, viking helmet adorned, 8-bit creatures to impale you right now.

NaNoWriMo: Write, because your life depends on it.